Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure where to begin? Our team can accommodate a complete wedding design from start to finish based on your taste, style and budget. Our offering of complete planning services, partial planning services, and day of wedding coordination allows you to choreograph an experience that works best for you. Our wedding packages begin as low as $1500 for our professional services and worry-free coordination of your special day.

We begin by gathering basic details over the phone for your event; from the who, what, when, where and budget.

We love to take the time to interview and really get to know our clients.

After our initial phone consultation, we will have a get-to-know-you phone call or meeting to learn more about both of you and to discuss all aspects of the wedding or event. This meeting is the foundation of the work you will do with your planner.

Throughout the planning process, we will be available through phone and email during regular business hours to ensure all of your questions are answered.

As professional planners, we have many resources and recommendations for anything and everything you could possibly need for your wedding or event day.

Our clients always make the final choice for details and vendors.

You will sign contracts directly with each vendor you choose and pay the vendor directly.

Food and Beverage is one of the costliest additions to your event. That is why our team has 20+ years’ experience with food and beverage costs and menu planning as well as service standards.

The combination of education and experience has put us ahead of the curve from most planners because we know exactly the right questions to ask when working with vendors.

*Certified Wedding Planner

*Certified Event Designer

*TABC Certified

*Food Safe Certified

*Certified Mixologist

*Entry-Level Sommelier

We are a husband and wife business that has been in the service industry for years. We take great pride in ensuring that people have an awesome and memorable time enjoying a well-deserved celebration! When planning events for previous employer’s, we would always get asked by a client if we could plan their party or upcoming wedding. Eventually we received so many requests that we decided to launch our own business to better accommodate our clients needs.

All our clients are hard working people who have visions of what their event could and should look like, but aren’t sure how or where to begin. That is where we come in.

“Harlem Nights” themed 50th Birthday Party!

Most planners work with trusted vendors, so be sure to ask your planner for their list of trusted vendors they would recommend.

Before contacting an event professional, write down a list of things you would like to incorporate into your event (i.e.: transportation, catering, venue, flowers, music/DJ, security, hair/makeup, etc.).

This info will give your planner a better picture of how to accommodate your request.

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