First, let’s help
you price your dream
event experience.

We’ll call you within the hour
to help you estimate the cost
of your big day.

    How we make your dream a reality…

    We set aside time to best understand what would make your event feel like a dream to you, and what success looks like to make sure we deliver in spades.

    Together we explore our preferred vendor list to help us solidify the budget for the event. This way we ensure you get the service of your dreams.

    We only bother you with the good stuff. (i.e. food tasting, cake tasting, etc.) Our email check-ups and vendor meetings help you stay involved.

    After assembling, mailing, alterations, negotiations, confirmations, coordinating, collecting and arranging it’s finally time to get your dream day underway!

    …then happily ever-after.

    I was so torn about using a wedding planner because of our budget, but once I spoke to Shannon, I knew she was Heaven sent. Shannon called me one afternoon out of the blue. I still really don’t know how she had my number. I work nights, so I usually don’t answer the phone while I am sleeping, but that day, I did.

    She said she was a wedding planner and was calling to see if we could use her services. I told her we had decided not to use a planner due to our budget and we only had 6 weeks until the wedding. She said she understood, but since she had me on the phone, asked if there was anything I needed help with. Who does that?… read more >>

    – Tonya Edward (Mother Of The Bride)

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